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ABC Party Rental is in the business of making it easy to celebrate special occasions. The industryof events and celebrations are a constant business. Every year families are holding events to celebrate those special moments in life. This business is made to support this industry.


The services are delivered to Carson, California and the neighboring cities like: Gardena, Torrence, San Pedro among others. The population can be over 500,000 combine within the service area, each resident celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings and more.


The busiest holidays for ABC Party Rental are: Valentines Day, Mothers Day, School Graduations, Thanksgiving and Christmas to name a few. ABC Party Rental also does well with seasonal events taking place in Spring and Summer keeping the business busy during this time.

ABC Party Rental also take calls from corporate businesses from the area. Their corporate client list include: Crystal Stairs Foundation, El Camino College, Pacific Union Rail, Sonic Industries, Multiquip, among others.


It is clear to see how they have been able to grow year after year, as of 2016 they count with steady sales stream of $166k per year and have assets valued at over $78k.




NET OF +$30K






ABC Party Rental started over 10 yrs ago in Carson, CA with the goal of being the go to supplier of making special moments a celebration of life for each of its residents in the nearby and surrounding neighborhoods. The business started small with just a few items to run and rent with; they would rent a table and chairs to a nearby party at a park and maybe also a kids jumper to be delivered to a home and that would be the entire weekend. The owner DanielRodriguez would work a second job just to keep the business running. Daniel knew that ABC Party Rental through diligent use of their revenues and with careful reinvestment into the business would help it capture more of the industries business in the area, so he began growing ABC PARTY RENTAL into the profitable business it is today.


Over the years ABC PARTY RENTAL has been able to gain a foothold in the market. ABC Party Rental 10 years later counts with a fully establish business and a long list of customers that make their business strong and profitable. ABC Party Rental counts with over 5200 customers over its history. Today you can _nd them delivering jumpers and tables to many customers in a given week and a well trained staff of 1 fulltime and 2 part-time employees to help deliver great service to each customer. It is common for ABC Party Rental to book 10 to 12 parties on a single day.




ABC Party Rental are well known and liked for their professionalism and their wide assortment of rental merchandise to make each occasion special year after year. They have become through hard work and dedication the business to call when there is a special occasion to be celebrated.


Find out more information of what the business does by taking a look at their website, www.ABCPARTYRENT.COM , you can also see the MLS listing at , make sure to download the presentation to find out more financial information of the business. When you are ready call us or ask a question on the form below. 



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