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Website Package - Website Business for Sale

Website Package - Website Business for Sale

Website Business Package

Buy it today and be in business tomorrow.


Looks like you want to start a Marketing and Advertising Business. You are on the right track. This package includes all the tools needed to get up and running with your own business.

Be your own boss

Have you been working as a graphic designer for someone else? Are you now looking to start your own business, but you haven’t had the time to build it? This package takes out the stress of building everything from scratch. Get started today with a working business model then fine tune it as the  sales come in?

Taking advantage of this option allows you to be your own boss since day one. There is no more delays troubleshooting or building. Take the stress out the first year of business. Get all the benefits from having a team of experts on your side helping you grow your business.

Unlimited earning potential

The first 3 years are the hardest for any business. This package has been developed over the past several years for our business now we want to help others start their own business in their location. We spent the first 3 years building this package for our sales but now you don’t have to. How great is that? You get all the benefits from the first 3 years of our  business at a fraction of the cost.

What this means for you is that you are able to charge premium fees for your services and focus on 
delivering projects to your client instead of trying to build your own business. This means more 
sales for you at higher market prices resulting in higher profits.

Easy to get started.

The truth is that building a business takes a long time. Even if you are skilled and experienced in the field that you work in getting all the material together to be able to sell the service or product to a client and look professional is a large investment. This package cuts back on the delay to get paid as a professional.

Our package gets transferred to you in 14 days. We can help with the initial set-up and customization of the site to make your own. Such as business information, backgrounds and colors. We help you initially and are able to provide support and upgrades for the
duration of your business.

All-in-One Solution

See what you are buying


We offer several benefits to using our package to get started with your business. There are tools that we included for you from marketing to advertising to you’re your business.

Package Includes:

See below everthing you arae buying and in the following pages see in detail what the features of each are and all the benefits it offers.

Fully operating website –Desktop and Mobile Versions (Example:
 13 Services to Sell
 Customer Guide Book
 Owner Pricing Guide
 12 Month B/W ad campaign
 12 Month Text Campaign
 12 Postcard Designs
 12 Email Templates
 5 (18x27) Poster Design
 Gallery of Service Images

We really tried to provide you all the tools you might need to propel your business. All our materials have been used in a working environment so we feel confident that you will have good results from using our same body of work for your business in your location.Our first year involved working on the material that you will be receiving and working out the details of how they will work together and setting them up to work.

13 Services to offer

Each service compliments each other to not only add on sales but help your customer move their business forward.

These are the services that are listed on the website.

 Website Design
 Social Media Systems
 Lead Generation
 Website Traffic
 Graphic Design
 Magazine Creators
 Retail Design
 Monetize Your Site
 Photography
 Business Accounting
 Video Service
 Newsletter Campaigns
 Advertising Manager

Earnings the first year can range from $25,000 to $65,000 the first year depending

Download the PDF for more information.


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