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Website Design for Selling and Marketing your Goods and Services - Class

Website Design for Selling and Marketing your Goods and Services - Class

Do you want to learn how to get a website started?


Learn what programs are available to achieve a professional page setup for your business.


Are you interested in understanding how a website will benefit your business to help it boost its sales. Learn how to structure your companies business information to make sure that the most valuable details about your business are included an easily accesible for customers.

Learn how to help customers learn more about the owner of the website and its business. Make it easy for them to find the business  by giving customers detailed information about the services or products that it provides. Learn how to help customers to easily contact the business by providing them the best up to date information of the business such as business email, telephone, social media sites, YouTube videos and business location.

Learn how having a website does more than provide a way for your customers to know more about your business, it actually helps the business owner. Learn how a completed running site can give the business new detailed information about its customers like never before. The business will begin to understand shopping patterns of who is visiting the page. Learn how it increases traffic to the business. Learn how the business is able to track and see how many people are visiting the page every month.

Learn what are the best ways to be found on the internet when people looking for the business. Learn how to get pictures that describe the business. Learn how to place  a map of where your business is located on the website. Learn how to use and find the best templates for the project. Learn how to instal and use a template.

If you are an owner of a business and would like to offer this seminar to your team. We offer group and company seminars for training and developing personal. Send us a message for more information.







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