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Lead Generation Systems for Finding and Expanding Customer Base - Class

Lead Generation Systems for Finding and Expanding Customer Base - Class

Do you want lo learn how to take a fresh look at your business marketing?


Learn the best ways to define and repurpose resources to effectively acquire and maintain customers.


Learn how to perform an analysis of past and current marketing efforts to see what has been effective and what can be productive to replicate or refine to increment response and get a good return on your marketing dollars.  

Learn how to create an approach to expand customers for your business. Find ways to streghten your business identity and refine your brand concept. Learn how to find more customers in creative ways by identifying your customers core values. Learn how to grow your business through customer research. Learn how to provide your business a competitive strategy that paves a way to marketing solutions.

Learn how to deploy concepts such as the use of your previous customers and business history to guide and enlighten a viable path to growth for your business. Learn how to use trends in the marketplace to target new customers. Learn how to find and look at social and economic factors that impact your business and its ability to grow. Learn how to use the location of your business to define, identify and make sure your business is speaking to its market. Learn how to analyze the delivery method of your service to find factors that separate you from your competition. Learn to find potential sale loss factors and how to repair them to secure and close sales.

We show you how with the use of tools such as websites, social media, seo, branding, newsletters, trade events, conventions, and newspapers your business can leverage their marketing. Learn how to create a marketing cycle budget that revolves around your business core concepts and tools.

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