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EVENTBRITE Sales - Setup

EVENTBRITE Sales - Setup

Have you heard of Eventbrite?

It's a place that allow you to create events for people to attend at a price or free. Currently there are few people offering your products presentations. We could add a schedule of event to Eventbrite.

See the results on Eventbrite for your product:

How is Eventbrite useful?

Eventbrite helps promote the business and get people to attend or ask more questions about the demonstration. 

What would the marketing work be?

I would write some copyright let future attendees know about the presentation. I would be about 2 to 3 paragraphs short and to the point, it also includes graphic design. Then I would us it to list the events 6 times, once a month for the following 6 months.

This would be a great way to get people show up for a demonstration. The listing show across Eventbrite organically ( shows by not paying) and it also indexes with google, if someone searches your product it will show in the results.

In addition this platform is capable allowing events to be promoted and perform email campaigns for upcoming events.

Let begin today. Add this service to your shopping cart.

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