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Chat Box


Jivochat is great for any website that want to make the best from every single person that visits the site. How does Jivochat accomplishes this, you ask? Jivochat is a tool that can be added to your website and it gives you the ability to see when someone goes to your site in real time and provide a quick and easy way for people to talk to you right away via a chat box.  Adding chat to your website is much better for interacting with your customers than having them call you, it really does save you a step connecting with your buyer.



The Jivochat Platform works with any device. The chat box will resize on the screen your website is being viewed on, it works great on desktops, laptops and mobile phones. All your contacts are easily managed by you or by a member of your customer service team. You can manage the messenger and questions from askers directly from your phone by easily downloading the Jivochat app. They also offer a downloadable platform that works straight from your desktop making management of chat interactions a breeze. When on the go you can access the admin panel from any browser to continue running your business. 


Jivochat can be integrated into your current sales platform. Jivochat offer 2 way communication where files and images can be shared instantly.

Have you had an occasion when a customer calls you and they happen to be on your website asking for more information only to be caught off-guard because you are not sure what page they are on? Well, Jivochat helps you fix this. How do you ask?  The platform allow for when a customer ask you a question from the chatbox it automatically informs you what page the customer has reach you from and tracks them through out the clicking of pages in your site. You can follow them along as they browse your store and select the link from the page they are asking a question from to easily respond and answer their question. You can even share a screen where there is a pointer feature that allows you to highlight and point out features from the services or products selling on your site.

You can automate responses and track which pages the customer has visited. And so many more features are available that makes closing a sale that much easier.


Jivochat works with all website platforms, they makes it easy to get started. Have your chat box operated by anyone anywhere in the world. You can have several customer service reps at one time handle any chat box interactions. All you need to do is grant them access with their own personal id and decide which streams of contact you’d like them to handle. Its that easy. 



The dashboard makes it a snap to track customers and see who's online. The platform allows for managing calls by departments and having several customer service reps handle multiple chat request. I have been a user of Jivochat for more than a year. I have always had a good experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to grow their sales. 



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